Noah Schneider

Noah Schneider is an Illustrator and Visual Development Artist. He is currently attending Pasadena City College. Noah has studied art and design at the Animation Guild, Art Center at Night, Concept Design Academy, and Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

Noah's animated films have won awards at the International Student Film Festival Hollywood (2008, 2009, 2010), Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust International Film Competition (2010) and FILMFEST 43 (2008).


To create illustrations that tell meaningful stories


"I've learned that becoming a well-rounded artist takes time and dedication."


To develop a career as a Visual Development Artist, Character Designer, and Illustrator.

Professional Experience:

Animation & Illustration
2017, Character Designer and Asset Clean-Up Artist, “Toothstars” 
2017, Animator, Vidlit: “Cutting”
2017, Clean-Up Artist, “Rube Goldberg” Toy Commercial  
2016, Ink & Paint Animation Artist, Clean-up Artist, LA Zoo “ZooLAbrate” Anniversary Logo
2016, Character mouth Expression Designer, “Meta & Valan”   
2016, Animator and Clean-Up Artist, “Momentous Holiday Card”
2016, Layout Artist, “Minecraft: Stinky Steve”
2016, Layout Artist, “Valerie in the Gallery”
2016, Layout Artist, “Minecraft Mysteries”
2015, Character Designer & Character Animator, Dr. Ben “A Perfect Day”
2014, Title Designer/ Animated Credits, “Art of Autism” documentary
2014, Editor, “Temple Grandin & Friends” video montage                

Visual Effects
2016, Rotoscope Artist, “The Landing”
2016, VFX Paint Artist & End Credits “Doctor Strange”
2016, VFX Paint Artist, “Prison Break: Resurrection”
2016, VFX Paint Artist, “War for Planet of the Apes”


  • Whittier Law School Autism Presentations, Costa Mesa, CA, 2011-2012
  • Reaching for the Stars Autism Presentation, Anaheim, CA, 2012

Art Shows/Competitions:

  • Desconso Gardens Art Competition: Unusual Views, “Father Nature” (2019)
  • ​Welcome To My World Art show (2019)
  • Artists First, "Father Nature", "Mother Nature", and "Boy Wonder" (2019)​​​

Volunteer Experience:

  • Dannys Farm (2019)
  • We Rock the Spectrum (2018)
  • Autism Walk (2009-2016)
  • Profectum (2014-2017)
  • Long Beach Comic-Con (2015) 

Skills & Abilities:
Expertise in Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Design, and Microsoft Word

Pasadena City College 2017-Present
Major:  Animation & Motion Arts

Exceptional Minds, 2013-2016
Adobe Certified in Flash, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro     

Art and Animation Classes:

Animation Guild

  • Perspective Class (2017)
  • Fundamental Figure Drawing (2017)
  • Gesture Drawing (2017)

Gnomon School of Visual Effects Classes

  • Perspective (2014)

  • Anatomy (2014)

3 Kicks Art Studio

  • Drawing & Anatomy (2013)

  • Tonal Figure Drawing (2015)​

Exceptional Minds Summer Workshops

  • Animation Workshop (2012)
  • Video Game Workshop (2012)
  • Visual FX Workshop (2012)
  • Maya Jumpstart Workshop (2015)

Honors & Awards:  

  • PTA Reflections Competition
  • Film Awards  (2009, 2010, 2012)
  • International Student Film Festival Hollywood
  • Animation Awards (2008, 2009, 2010) 
  • Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust International Film Competition
  • 2nd Place Award (2010)
  • California State Fair Art Awards (2009)
  • FILMFEST 43 Animation Award (2008)
  • “A Perfect Day” Recipient of Vision Award College of Adaptive Arts (2016)​​